(This message is an extract from our monthly newsletter).

We now officially a quarter of the way through another year and as usual things just to seem get busier. 

Our first 2019 Grants Round was opened with a great evening at the start of the month.  It was one of those nights that makes you proud to be associated with the Lara District Community Bank Branch. Guest speakers included both of our ward councillors, Kylie Grzybek and Anthony Aitken who gave us a run down on things happening in our region. We also had the Principal of Lara Secondary College, Wayne Terrill speak about the many changes occurring at our local college.  It was really pleasing to hear about the extra effort being made by students to improve their results by taking the opportunity of doing additional assessment tasks. 

Our Bank is working with Lara Secondary College by supporting an Academic Scholarship program commencing next year.

We also heard from the Lara Tennis Club (Grant recipients last year), who have “more than doubled their membership” following the resurfacing of one of the courts.  A great outcome from the grant they received.  The Junior Quarter Midgets (a motor sport club who operate out of the back of Avalon) reported a “reinvigorated committee” following the completion of a shed funded by our Community Bank.  You may or may not be a fan of motor sport, but when you attend one of their functions  and see three generations of families involved, not the mention all age groups and genders you know it is good for community.

During the month I have had the pleasure of meeting with committee members from Lara Basketball Club, Anakie Football and Netball club, and heard lots of good stories about the importance of how sport helps Communities.  Did you know the Lara Basketball Club is the largest in the Geelong region!!   Our Branch manager and myself were also hosted by the North Geelong Soccer Club who operate out the back of Elcho Park.  Wow, the crowd was estimated at 1700 fans for the derby against Geelong Soccer Club.  The club is looking at a range of ground improvements to enable them to host International events.

It was also fantastic to attend the launch of the very impressive e-board at the Lara Sporting Club. We were a major contributor to this project and we look forward to seeing it in action at the various sporting events over the year.

So much happening, so many plans across the region.  To our shareholders, thanks for getting us up and running, the growth of our region is staggering.  It is important that we continue to grow our business so that we can meet the growing demand from groups across Lara, Anakie, Little River and surrounds.  We may be part of the fifth biggest bank in Australia, but Community Banks are the ONLY banks whose purpose is to support healthy Communities.

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