This month has been packed full of activities for our Board. We have been busy preparing a video which will be launched at our 10th birthday celebration at the Lara Sporting Club on 29 June. We are hoping that as many shareholders and community group representatives as possible will attend to see what a difference we have made to the Lara, Anakie and Little River region since we commenced 10 years ago in June. Invitations have been sent separately but please contact us if you didn’t receive one. 

Early this year we formed a partnership with the Lara Secondary College that has allowed them to offer academic scholarships to students moving from their primary years into the secondary college as well as  for year 10 students. The college was thrilled to have forty students from Lara primary schools sit the examination to win one of the scholarships.  We are looking forward to the outcome.

For a change of pace I had the pleasure of attending the Victorian Quarter Midgets meeting at Avalon, who provide an introduction to motor sport for kids from the age of 5 through to 16. Along with other directors we had the pleasure of opening the new club shed which we part funded.  The new shed provides much needed storage and shelter during their meetings. 

Lara residents may have noticed that construction has begun on a new shared pathway between Station Lake Road and Flinders Avenue beside Hovells Creek, opposite the Hoffman Walk. This pathway is a joint partnership between the Lara District Community Bank Branch and the City of Greater Geelong. This is the commencement of what hopefully will be a series of pathways to allow off road cycling and walking access past Serendip to the You Yangs.  It is the culmination of work from a number people over quite a few years. More details to follow in the next few months.   

As our region continues to expand at one of fastest rates in the State, if not Australia, it just continues to be more important that we grow as a Community Bank in order to support all those groups that make our region a great place to live.  For a significant number of newcomers to our area, most have never experienced what a Community Bank can do.  If you have not come from an area serviced by a Community Bank (created by the work of locals for the benefit of the community) it is difficult to understand how it works unless someone takes you through the details.  Shareholders and groups we support should be our greatest advocates. We all need to share the story of what we have achieved together.


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