(This message is an extract from our monthly Shareholder newsletter). With another year nearly done life starts to get a little hectic, getting all those things done that just need to be done. One of those things is the Lara District Community Enterprise AGM, held at the start of the month.

Now, I know many people avoid AGM’s through fear of getting a job, being totally confused by a treasurer’s report, or in fact a Chairman who won’t keep quiet!!  Well our AGM’s are different, firstly as a board we are all loving our jobs so much we all renominate. Secondly, the treasurer’s report is both short and contains good news, and last but not least, I only speak for a few minutes before we hand over to guest speakers.

This year we had three speakers from three projects we had supported this year. Zoe Waters from the Barwon Health Foundation, who provided us with a quick update on the great progress that is being made in relation to the Kids Rehabilitation centre fundraising, as well as a reminder as to how important this facility will be to those who need their services. Sarah Chaney from the Little Teapot shared a little on the value this centre is providing to our community, with a focus on young families. Our third speaker was Luke Tasevski, a student at Lara Secondary College, who spoke about his experience at Camp Awakenings, a camp designed to bring the best out of the young people who attend. 

As a Board, and as shareholders, we should be proud of how we supporting our Community.

Feedback from a member of an organisation we had assisted during the year, a first-time attendee to our AGM -:

“I went to the AGM last night as arranged and was most impressed.  I half expected only 3 people in a dark room and what did I find? The place was packed and motivated to achieve.

  ……………It was my first time at the Little Teapot and hearing about their community focus was truly inspirational.”

Feedback from one of our shareholders who never misses our AGM -:
“…….. and  I would like you to pass on our thoughts re the AGM meeting Wednesday evening for the excellent way the meeting was conducted …… a great collection of very professional people for organizing the venue, refreshments, the guest speakers were great we were very impressed keep up the good work well done.

Another great event we were involved in this month was the “Hollywood comes to Balliang Ball” held by the Balliang Memorial Hall Committee to raise funds to not only upkeep the local hall, but to make sure it can provides a focus for Community Activity.  Natalie and Bryan Candy attended along with Annie and myself.  It was so good seeing so many locals from the region having a great night as well as the way the committee have tastefully provided an outdoor area to this facility. So good to see a Community Asset being well maintained and importantly used.

We had previously committed $20,000 to the Anakie Football & Netball Club to allow them to bring their outdoor lighting up to AFL Barwon standards, so great news that they have been successful in obtaining a State Government Community Sport Infrastructure grant which will allow them to proceed with the construction of light towers to support the Club.

We are the Better Big Bank.  It costs nothing to come and have a chat to our staff about how by just moving your banking not only will you be getting a great banking service, but just as importantly you are investing in the Community we all live in. If you are not yet banking with us ask just yourself when was the last time your bank shared their profits in Lara, Little River and Anakie?

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