We have just completed another grants round within excess of $200,000 of requests for support. It is amazing how much work groups in our regions are doing to provide sporting programs for youths, providing emergency services, or in some cases our local schools wanting to provide improved educational outcomes than what current school budgets allows for without our support. As various projects are completed, we are sure to share them.

One completed project is the new wildlife pond at Serendip.  All I can say it is a magnificent improvement that allows a much better visitor experience as well as assisting in the preservation of some special wildlife. Of course, one reason we have supported Serendip is that it is good for our wider community, not just in providing a better park but over time it will attract more visitors to our region which will be great for local business. This partnership was the first of its kind with Parks Victoria with a number of State and Regional Managers from Parks Victoria attending the opening and taking a keen interest on what can happen when good partners come on board.

During the month I also had the pleasure of attending the presentation evening for the Lara United Football Club or soccer as I know it with apologies to those who call it football. It was a great evening with the many players and club volunteers being recognised for the last year. It is a great measure of a club culture when you see the club person of the year award going to a husband and wife team whose children have long finished playing junior sport.

As I said at the start, we had a huge number of grant requests, and while we will share more details  once we have finalised details with all the groups, we were not able to assist with every request this time around. 
Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday November 13th at the Lara United Football (Soccer) Club rooms with a 6:30pm registration. As always, the plan is to keep the business part short and then enjoy three guest speakers followed by a light snack, drinks and a networking opportunity.  Come along and learn about what our community bank can do for the Lara, Little River and Anakie region. You can advise your RSVP below.

Andrew Hilliard

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